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USAA the Cheapest Car Insurance Company in the USA

According to a survey of auto insurers, USAA, Auto-Owners, Westfield, Geico, and Travellers offer the cheapest car insurance policies nationally. In order to find a decent bargain on auto insurance, it’s becoming more and more crucial to compare quotes from several providers.

Low-cost Auto Insurance

The most affordable auto insurance is offered by USAA to active-duty personnel, veterans, and their families. It provides affordable auto insurance for safe drivers, driving under the influence (DUI) offenders, and those involved in collisions. It offers affordable rates for a range of driver categories, including the least expensive rates for those with bad credit.

Review of USAA Car Insurance for 2023

Automobile insurance rates from USAA are fairly reasonable for drivers with a variety of driving histories.  To be qualified for USAA auto insurance, you must be a service member, veteran, or family member of a military member.


Low prices for all drivers, including those with a clean driving record and those with tickets, accidents, or DUIs.

  • USAA offers affordable prices for both young and senior drivers, two age groups with high insurance costs.
  • USAA offers new automobile replacement and accident forgiveness.
  • USAA provides a choice for ride-sharing insurance protection.
  • USAA has a usage-based insurance programme (SafePilot) that prudent drivers can utilise to perhaps reduce the cost of their auto insurance.


The availability of coverage is not universal. Offers insurance only to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their immediate families.

  • Only 6% is the USAA’s typical bundling discount for home and vehicle insurance.
  • If you’re adding a teen to your coverage, there are possibilities for cheaper auto insurance.
  • USAA does not provide gap protection.

Comparison of USAA auto insurance rates for safe drivers

Among the major insurers researched, USAA offers the most affordable typical auto insurance rates for safe drivers. Its nationwide average premium for safe drivers is far less than the $2,150 average yearly rate for the 14 firms we looked at.

Keep in mind that only active duty service members, veterans, and their families are eligible for USAA insurance.

Comparison of USAA car insurance rates for drivers who have received a speeding ticket

For drivers who received a speeding ticket, USAA has affordable rates. Given the vast range in prices between companies, it becomes sense to compare auto insurance rates if you have moving violations on your record.

Comparison of USAA auto insurance rates for those who cause accidents that result in injuries

When compared to other major insurers looked at, USAA has the lowest rate for drivers who have caused an accident that resulted in someone else being injured. The average annual cost of auto insurance for USAA members who have been in accidents that resulted in injuries is more than $900 less than the $3,074 national average.

Comparison of USAA car insurance rates for DUI drivers

When compared to other insurance companies, USAA offers affordable DUI auto insurance rates. The average cost for DUI drivers at USAA is significantly lower than the $3,537 national average among the businesses we looked at.

Comparison of USAA auto insurance rates for drivers with bad credit

The likelihood that someone may file an insurance claim in the future is said to be correlated with a person’s credit score, according to insurance firms. Higher rates result from this association. Credit is not permitted in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, or Michigan for determining auto insurance rates.

When compared to rivals, the average USAA vehicle insurance rates for drivers with bad credit are quite reasonable. Among the businesses looked at, USAA’s average costs are lower than the US average of $3,779 per year.

Comparison of USAA car insurance rates when adding a teenage driver

Your premiums may increase if you add a new adolescent driver to your auto insurance coverage. According to the firms looked at, the national average cost of adding a 16-year-old driver to a parent’s insurance is $2,419 per year.

The cost of adding a teen driver to a USAA policy is rather affordable and below the national average.

Young drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 can compare the cost of USAA auto insurance, which is reasonably affordable. In comparison to the large insurers looked at, its cost is more than $1,900 less per year than the $4,706 national average.

For teenage drivers with their own auto insurance plans, the prices shown below apply. Keeping a young driver on a parent’s insurance as long as you can usually lower costs.

Comparison of USAA vehicle insurance rates for seniors between the ages of 70 and 80

When compared to other sizable auto insurance providers looked at, USAA offers fairly priced car insurance for drivers between the ages of 70 and 80. Our data shows that the national average is $2,498 annually. USSA performs roughly $800 below average annually.



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